Abi Simpson, final year multimedia journalism student


I am a final year Multimedia Journalism student at Bournemouth University and have been tasked with making a seven minute radio documentary for my major multimedia project.

I’ve built this site to allow you to follow my progress and take a look into the production behind a radio documentary and all that it entails.

I have chosen to base my documentary on meningitis in young adults. This is a disease which can kill within hours, and yet it seems that not many people understand the danger it poses, particularly to young people.

I have chosen to cover this specific topic after I heard about someone who died suddenly at my university from meningitis, during freshers this year. It scared me that I didn’t know the symptoms, wasn’t sure if I was vaccinated, and ultimately wouldn’t know what to do if I did get meningitis.

After speaking to housemates and friends, I realised that this wasn’t unusual and that actually it seemed that none of us appeared to have a clue. It was during the initial research for this project that I realised just how dangerous meningitis can be, and how quickly it can kill.

This made my decision for me. This was something that needed more awareness, especially amongst students who are one of the ‘at risk’ groups. So I decided I would talk to some people who know all too well the devastation that meningitis can cause and look further into why so many people are ignorant of its dangers.