Throughout my time exploring this topic and talking to people who have all had their own experiences with meningitis, one recurring topic keeps being brought up. The lack of students getting vaccinated.

Everyone I have spoken to during this process all believe that the main issue lies with getting students to have the vaccination, which is proving difficult.

Students don’t seem to think that they will ever get it, most aren’t making getting vaccinated the top of their priorities, or they’re simply not accepting that it is a disease which could seriously harm them.

Having spoken to various charities who campaign at universities during freshers weeks the general reaction they get from students is that they simply don’t think it’s something that will affect them and so therefore think the vaccination is a waste of time.

My interviewees have all been frustrated by the responses of young people when asked why they haven’t had the vaccination, with a lot of people saying the reason they haven’t been vaccinated is because they don’t like needles.

Should it be more than just charities getting on board with promoting awareness for such a deadly disease, could the government and doctors themselves be getting on board with the campaigns? Or should it be up to young people to start taking a little more responsibility for their own health?

I spoke to some students about why they aren’t getting vaccinated, to see for myself the reason behind their lack of enthusiasm for protecting themselves against such a deadly disease. You can see the video here…


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