I created a social media poll with four basic questions to see whether people had even heard of meningitis, whether they’re protected against it, and if they knew how dangerous it could be.

The four questions were:
1. Do you know the symptoms of meningitis?
2. Do you think meningitis can kill you?
3. What sort of people do you think can get meningitis?
4. Are you vaccinated against meningitis?

100 people were surveyed, here are the results:


One of the main aims of campaigning is to ensure more people know the symptoms of meningitis and yet there still seems to be a lot of people that don’t know them or aren’t sure. It’s important that people are able to spot the signs if they, or someone they know is ill and try and prevent a worse case scenario.


8 out of the 100 people surveyed did not realise that meningitis can kill you. It seems to be an issue that people are not aware of how serious meningitis can be, and therefore may not react appropriately, and with enough caution, to any symptoms.


Meningitis is a disease which can affect all people, but not everyone realises this. Babies and young adults are in the most at risk categories, but this does not mean that other people can’t get the disease. Some adults dismiss meningitis symptoms simply because they don’t realise that they can get the disease, and this could prove fatal.

Graph 4.png

Another of the main reasons campaigning takes place is to encourage people to get vaccinated and protect people against meningitis. Of the 100 people surveyed nearly a third were not vaccinated and a further 28 didn’t know if they have had their injection. One person surveyed, who does not know whether they are currently vaccinated, actually had viral meningitis in 1997.

Please note that 249 people responded to this poll, but due to inability to pay for the upgrade on the site used, I am only able to access 100 of these responses.


Featured image credit: Tungilik