You may have noticed that there hasn’t been much activity or progress with this project in the last couple of weeks.

Due to other commitments and my work on the US Election I’ve been unable to get much done, but that is all about to change.

I drove home last week to interview Danny Sweatman, but unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control it fell through, but the good news is I will be speaking to him this Saturday, so watch out for his interviewee profile and story.

As is usually the case with big projects like this there tends to be slow progress in the beginning and everything always seems to come together in the end.

All my interviews are now complete, or are being completed this weekend, so I can now finally start storyboarding and editing the audio for the final piece.

I also have some plans to bring out more content including some extra audio, a trailer for the final piece, and some video content in the next few weeks, so watch this space.


Featured image credit: S.C.Bailey Photography