Meningitis: The Killer in Disguise

Introduction to the project

An introduction to the chosen topic for my final year project.

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Meningitis: The Killer in Disguise

The final documentary.


The written justification for the documentary


The script for the final cut of, Meningitis: The Killer in Disguise

Progress update 4…

I'm back!

Are students just being lazy?

Should students be taking a bit more responsibility for their own health?

Worrying rise in the number of students getting meningitis

There has been a worrying rise in the number of students contracting meningitis in the last 5 years

Video: Why aren’t students protecting themselves?

I spent some time with some students to find out why they aren't making the effort to get vaccinated


The storyboard for the rough cut of my documentary

The Glass Test

The glass test is the most common way of seeing if a rash is linked to meningitis

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